blog photo of me

Hi!  My name is Kristyn and I suppose I have many identities.  I am a mother of three, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a pastor, ordained in the Free Methodist Church.  I am a cyclist (a fancy way of saying I like to ride my bike and wear padded spandex shorts to do it), a camper, a closet artist (I guess the secret is out now), a good cook, a horrible housekeeper, and an avid reader.  Above all those things though, I am a child of God.  Everyday I am learning more about just  what that means and He often reveals pieces of Himself, of His character, and how He relates to His people through ordinary experiences, and so those things are no longer ordinary but EXTRA-ordinary. I hope that you will come travel with me, on a trip of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and as you do, I pray that you will find undertones of hope and healing that will encourage you along your own journey.